Training Services

Apart from Engineering Services, AES offers lab training solutions as well. These instructional labs provide experiential training to equip your team with the knowledge to understand all key elements & principles of the electrical protection system, various protection philosophies and design standards. Labs also cover correct verification, calibration and protective relay testing methodologies, including function testing & proper protection operations timing.

Protection & Control Labs

  • Theoretical lessons on all protection types
  • Custom tailored Hands-on lab exercises
  • Full list of relays available on request
  • Vendor neutral including SEL/ Seimens/ Micom/ GE
  • Any specific relay training- on demand
  • On-site training with mobile module panels
  • Ground Grid System Study
  • Troubleshooting & developing solutions


  • Common SCADA Architectures
  • Hands-on Training on SCADA Architecture
    • SEL RTAC Line
    • Eaton SMP Line
  • SCADA Protocols with emphasis on testing
  • Detailed design for SCADA system
  • SCADA Protocols with emphasis on troubleshooting
  • SCADA Interfaces & Networking

Lab training services and testing is a very precise practice that needs a unique skillset to execute. We have the skills and know-how to manage it effectively. Contact us today to learn more.

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