About Us

Advanced Electrical Services Ltd. (AES) is a National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) accredited organization offering a full range of electrical power distribution products and services. The team is comprised of a core group of managers and staff from the Field Service and Electrical Power Industries. AES has expertise in a variety of fields, including Electrical Power Equipment, Protection & Control, and Substation Automation. We have the skills required to execute the most challenging projects. Commitment to excellence and customer service are key elements to achieving our goal of being the industry leader in providing high voltage power services.

AES focuses on medium and high voltage (5kV to 500kV) products and services in the industrial, utility, renewable energy, mining, commercial, and oil & gas markets in Western Canada. Advanced Electrical Services is driven to supply quality electrical products and services allowing us to guarantee that exceptional solutions are delivered at competitive prices. Independence from any one supplier allows us to select the best components from multiple vendors to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

Our Certified Engineering Technologists (CETs), Power System Electricians (PSEs), and engineers are among the best qualified electrical power specialists in the business. Our focus is on electrical power, its generation, distribution, control, protection, and safe utilization. Our proactive approach to training through internal mentoring and external courses keeps us current with the continually changing technology and safety standards within the electrical industry. With this ever-increasing commitment to safety and training, Advanced Electrical Services Ltd. will continue to exceed the expectations of both the electrical industry and our clientele.

Core Values

Shared Success

We believe in sharing our success. AES supports employee development and gives back to our community through a variety of charity events. We also focus on our customer’s long-term success as it is key to our continued evolution.

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

In this a dynamic and changing industry, we consistently persevere through challenging and unpredictable situations toward a successful finish.

Take the Long View

We carefully select the right employees for our projects, and we stay on-site for as long as it takes to complete the work to our high standards of quality. Our investment in exceptional team members and reliable equipment means that if issues do occur, we find a solution with our client’s best interest in mind.

Join Us

As a growing team, we are always looking for exceptional people to join us. We are a dynamic company that focuses on delivering results and the highest quality service to our clients with a positive attitude. As an agile team, we provide growth opportunities for team members to develop in their roles with both technical and leadership training while being both challenged and supported.

When you join AES, you are joining a team that steps up to help one another, has fun together, rallies during challenging times, strives for a work-life balance, and truly cares about what we do for each other and our clients.

If you align with our core values, thrive in a dynamic environment, and are ready to deliver exceptional service, send your resume to humanresources@aes-ab.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

In the News

We are proud of the knowledge and experience our team members have gained in their careers and share with our team and community. Here are a few articles featuring our team members: